Assessment and Evaluation

Scheme OF Assessment and Evaluation

  • For students of Class I to Class IX promotion will be granted on the basis of their overall performance during the academic session. Their performance will be tested through continuous/periodic assessments.
  • The general criterion for promotion to the next higher class is contingent on the students grasping power of subject of the class sufficiently well to understand and comprehend the syllabus of the next higher class. A child should obtain at least ‘D’ grade.
  • A student’s promotion to the next higher class will be based on consolidates result of:
  • Periodic Tests and Multiple Assessments (5+5 marks)
  • Notebooks (Portfolio) and Subject Enrichment Activities (5+5 marks).
  • Annual Assessment (80 marks).
Sl.No. Type of Assessment
1 Periodic Test – 1 (PT1)
2 Periodic Test – 2 (PT2)
3 Term – 1 Examination
4 Periodic Test – 3(PT3)
5 Preparatory Exam
6 Periodic Test – 4(PT4)
7 Annual Assessment/Term II Examination
Sl.No. Term Max.Marks Minimum Pass Percentage
1 PTs (10 Marks) Note books and Projects (10 Marks) 20 Marks I – VIII 33%
2 Annual Assessment 80 Marks 33%