The overall goal of the School Health Club is to promote effective learning in school through supporting pupils. It aims at increase their knowledge and understanding of health issues that affect them directly and guide them to adopt positive behaviours to prevent poor health.


  • To promote hygienic lifestyles among pupil
  • To increase pupil’s knowledge and understanding of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene issues
  • To promote a healthy school environment
  • To encourage outreach to the home and community
  • To challenge children to take up leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Inculcate a culture of Health & Wellness among students through various co-curricular activities
  • Personal responsibility for one’s health
  • Increasing Physical activity
  • Celebration of important days ( e.g. World Health Day – April 7)
  • To inculcate healthy and positive ways of living
  • To organize events and competition on Healthy Food Week, Healthy Eating Workshop etc.