Sr.Mercelin Mary
Sr.Motcham Mary
Mrs. Shalini- Teacher
Mrs. Puspha- Teacher
Ms. Aswin Prisca – Student
Ms. Dhiya Chrislin – Student

Significance of Discipline

Discipline is described as adhering to or obeying a set of rules. Our lives become more organized when we follow those rules. A well-disciplined student who has a positive attitude in life and is focused. Discipline teaches students to be concentrated and motivated towards their studies as well as other areas of their life. Discipline is rarely enjoyable, but almost always profitable.

  • Discipline helps a student to maintain regularity which is very important in subjects that require constant practice.
  • It helps the student to remain calm and composed. This helps him/her to maintain focus and to keep moving on with the problems.
  • Discipline helps the student to maintain a proper schedule for everything which includes time for all his/her subjects.
  • Discipline helps them to prioritize their work as per its importance.
  • It improves their concentration and focuses which is very important in subjects like mathematics.