Arisipalayam, Salem – 636009.

                                                                               Total Area of the Campus        =       12141 sq.mts.
                                                                               Built – up Area                          =       8226.46 sq.mts.
                                                                               Area of the Play Ground          =       4419.6sq.mts.

Total Number of Rooms 49
Number of Auditoriums 1
Total Number of Digital Smart (Computer Assisted Learning Class) Classrooms 6
Total Number of Libraries 1
Total Number of Canteens 0
Total Number of Toilets 98
Total Number of Boys’ Toilets 40
Number of boys urinal with partition 14
Total Number of Washrooms for Female Staff 5
Total number of lifts/elevators 1
Number of girls’ toilets 42
Number of girls urinal with partition 14
Number of toilets for differently abled persons 6 (Boys 3+ Girls 3)
Number of washrooms for male staff 2
Number of water purifiers / Ro available in school 1 (Outlets)
Total number of computers (all computer labs combined) 25
Total number of buses owned by school 0
Total number of buses hired by school 0
Library Size (In Sq. Meters) 129.35
Computer Lab Size (In Sq. Meters) 372.152
Composite Science Lab Size (In Sq. Meters) 372.152
Chemistry Lab Size (In Sq. Meters) 143.418
Physics Lab Size (In Sq. Meters) 144.32
Biology Lab Size (In Sq. Meters 143.418
Mathematics Lab Size (In Sq. Meters) 372.152
How Many Rooms Less Than 400 Sq Ft 1
How Many Rooms Between 400 To 500 Sq Ft 1
How Many Rooms Greater Than 500 Sq Ft 47