Rules and Regulations

  1. Every pupil must bring the school handbook to the class daily.
  2. No pupil can leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal.
  3. All shall remain silent and study till the teacher comes to the class.
  4. When the teacher enters the class room, the pupil should stand up, greet him/her and remain there till they are asked to sit.
  5. Homework shall be done regularly.
  6. The school premises should be kept neat and tidy.
  7. It is compulsory to speak English in the school premises.
  8. No mobile or electronic gadgets are permitted in the school campus.
  9. Students should wear school uniform in all the disciplines otherwise permission is granted.
  10. Students going by line buses should keep the ‘Q’ system according to class bases at the bus station.
  11. Playing in classrooms and corridors is strictly prohibited.
  12. When passing along corridors during class hours pupils shall keep silence.
  13. No pupil shall enter any classroom than his/her own without the permission of the concerned teacher.
  14. Never put waste things anywhere other than in waste bin.
  15. Gold and fancy ornaments are not allowed in the school.
  16. Scribbling on walls and furniture are strictly prohibited.
  17. Every pupil must have all the text books, sufficient note books, other stationary articles required for the study. Each one is responsible for the safekeeping of the same.

To The Parents.

  1. It is obligatory on the part of the parents to visit the school at least once in a term and find out the progress and conduct of the pupil from the principal.
  2. All communications made by the parents should be addressed to the Principal only.
  3. If there is any complaint, they have to express it directly to the authorities and not to the class teacher or any other teachers. No guardian shall question the teachers directly.
  4. Once admission is made, no claim of refund of the fees will be entertained.
  5. If there is any change of address you are requested to make it known to the school authorities.
  6. Parents must not meet the pupil or visit the teachers during school hours without the sanction of the Principal.
  7. Parents by no means will visit teachers at their residence or phone them with regard to school matters.
  8. Parents have to see that their children do their homework, prepare their lessons daily, maintain their textbooks, and notebooks, and come to school in clean and full uniform on time.
  9. Any damage done in or about the school premises or to school property must be made good by the parent of the pupil responsible.
  10. Any form of criticism of teachers or of the school and the presence of the pupil must be totally avoided. If done the pupil will lose respect for one’s teacher and fail to learn from them.
  11. Please do not send your child to school if he/she is suffering from any infectious disease till a proper cure is assured.
  12. Parents are earnestly requested not to ask for leave, but in case of necessity, the principal at his discretion can decide to grant leave.
  13. In case of leave due to illness the pupil on returning to school must bring a note stating the reason on the leave record page of the handbook.
  14. No parents should fail to attend the class-wise PTA after the terminal examination.
  15. Parents should ensure that fees and bus fares are paid on scheduled dates.
  16. Record of marks in the class tests and monthly examinations are indicated from time on the pages of the handbook. Parents are requested to take note of these records, put their signature on them with the date, and take necessary remedial action.